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Our coffee bar in beautiful Belvidere

Best beans

We only use beans from Brothers Coffee, a local award-winning roastery nestled up against the Outeniqua Mountains in Groot Brak

Perfect blend

The Brothers Bugolobi blend is a versatile full-bodied dark roast coffee with a soft acidity, nutty dark chocolate notes and a buttery smooth finish

Quality milks

From local full cream dairy milk, barista almond & soya milks to Oatly Oat milk imported from Sweden, we pair the best milks with the best coffee

award-winning roastery

Brothers Coffee

It is said the origins of coffee lie in the heart of Africa. This certainly stands true for the origins of Brothers Coffee.

We only use beans from Brothers Coffee, a local award-winning roastery nestled up against the Outeniqua Mountains in Groot Brak.

Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Brothers Coffee
Oak Leaf Knysna Coffee Bar
top-quality coffee

Our equipment

Our coffee machine is a Sanremo Zoe, a bright red spark of pure technology. The Zoe is compact, versatile and incredibly sturdy. Thanks to the traditional heat exchanger system with thermosyphon circulation, allowing for constant thermal stability, the Zoe is able to guarantee top-quality coffee with every draw.

passion for her craft

Our barista

Nono joined us 3 years ago at Vegan Kitchen. She was originally employed as a waitress but soon exhibited a keen interest in learning how to make speciality coffees. She trained with our barista, spent hours studying online tutorials and finally participated in a barista training boot-camp with Ben at Brothers Coffee. When we opened Oak Leaf Café 2 years ago, we made Nono our barista and what a great decision that was! Nono has grown from strength to strength and continues to hone her skills on a daily basis. Nono’s passion for her craft shines through in every cup.

Oak Leaf Barista - Nono
Oak Leaf Knysna Coffee Loyalty
get a free cuppa

Coffee loyalty programme

Buy 9 cups of coffee and get the 10th cup for free!

If you like your coffee as much as we do, we have some snazzy reusable coffee mugs available for sale, reducing coffee cup waste and helping the environment one cup at a time!


Coffee time treats & pastries

Indulge in our variety of coffee time treats:

  • almond croissant
  • pain aux raisin
  • superhero muffins made with almonds, raisins, walnuts, oats, zucchini, carrots, free-range egg & raw honey
  • butter scones
  • home-made chocolate peanut butter date balls
  • gluten & refined sugar-free chocolate nutty bars, healthy Twix bars and chocolate pistachio quinoa crunch bars
  • gluten & refined sugar-free vegan chocolate brownies
  • daily selection of freshly baked cakes
Oak Leaf Knysna Coffee Bar


Full Bodied Dark Roast (short/tall)

Espresso 18 / 24
Macchiato 22 / 28
Cortado 24 / 30
Americano 24 / 30
Cappuccino 28 / 34
Flat White 28 / 34
Café Mocha 32 / 38
Café Latte 30 / 36
Iced Latte 30 / 36
Decaf available add 8

Warm & Foamy (no caffeine)

Hot Chocolate / 34
Chai Latte / 34
Red Espresso Cappuccino / 38

Dairy Milk Alternatives (short/tall)

Almond Milk 8 / 10
Soya Milk 8 / 10
Oat Milk 10 / 14

coffee beans

other hot drinks…


Five Roses / 22
Rooibos / 22
Dilmah Earl Grey / 28
Dilmah English Breakfast / 28
Dilmah Green / 28

The Tea Merchant – speciality loose leaf teas

Earl Grey / 28
Jasmine Green / 30
Lemongrass Ginger and Cinnamon / 32
Spearmint / 28
Rooibos Tangerine and Ginger / 28

Red cappuccino
Oak Leaf Knysna Deli Cakes and Pastries
Vegan Carrot Cake & Cappuccino
Oak Leaf Knysna Deli Cakes and Pastries

Join us for a great cup
of coffee!

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