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Gourmet deli

a treasure trove of unique artisan products sourced from all over the country

located in Knysna

Our in-house deli…

offers a variety of unique products, sourced from creative people that lovingly produce these top quality items. From local coffee beans, honey, artisanal bread and award-winning olive oil to exceptional marmalades, preserves, exquisite local beef and even hand-crafted vegan and gluten-free options… we cater for an array of dietary requirements.

Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - The Sourloaf Bakery
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Chaloner
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Fauxmage
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Oatly Milk
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - RedBushed
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Brothers Coffee


Award-Winning Coffee

the perfect blend from an award-winning local roastery
Brothers Bugolobi Blend Beans 250g
Brothers Bugolobi Blend Beans 1kg
Brothers Bugolobi Blend Ground Beans 250g

Local Meats

local high-quality meats free from growth hormones & routine antibiotics
Charlesford Beef Burger Patties
Charlesford Boerewors
Charlesford Meatballs
Charlesford Pork & Apple Sausage
Charlesford Pork Bangers
Charlesford Bacon

Artisan Breads

selection of fresh sourdough loaves & speciality gluten-free loaves
Sourloaf Bakery – freshly baked daily
– White
– Multigrain
Hannam & Co (certified gluten-free)
– Five seed toaster loaves
– Flat white Toaster loaves
– Pizza Bases

Olive & Olive Oil

local award-winning organic olive oil and speciality olives
Kalamata Olives
Mission Olives – smoked garlic
Mission Olives – chilli infused
Olive Tapenade
Zoetigheyd Award-Winning Organic Olive Oil

coffee beans

more deli items…


selection of hand-picked artisan products
Fauxmage Cashew Nut Cheeses
Fauxmage Butter
Beyond Burger Patties
Oak Leaf Spicy bean & Walnut Burger Patties
Oatly Barista Oat Milk – imported from Sweden, this is the Rolls Royce of oat milk

Honey & Preserves

selection of local award-winning honey, preserves & pure nut butters
Hart Honey
Macadamia Nut Honey
Wild Blossom Honey
Seville Orange Marmalade
Pure Peanut Butter
Pure Peanut Butter infused with chilli
Pure Peanut Butter infused with chocolate & coffee
Nastergal Jam


unique range of high-quality cheeses sourced from the Ashton region
La Montenara Mature Cheddar
La Montenara Montaan
La Montenara Maasdam
La Montenara Royal Ashton

Dairy & Eggs

local nutrient-rich & farm fresh
The Farmers Dairy full cream milk – raw cold purified milk
Free-range eggs sourced from local farms

gourmet deli
Chocolate Treats

selection of local artisan chocolate treats
– chocolate nutty bars (gluten & refined sugar-free)
Oak Leaf Café
– chocolate peanut butter date balls (vegan & refined sugar-free)
Nutrition Matters
– Healthy Twix Bars (gluten & refined sugar-free)
– Chocolate Pistachio Quinoa Crunch Bars (gluten & refined sugar-free)
– Raw Chocolate Brownies (vegan, gluten & refined sugar-free)


5-time international award-winning kombucha
Theonista Ginger
Theonista Buchu & Honeybush
Theonista Pomegranate

Iced Teas

hand-crafted with organic rooibos & fresh fruits
Redbushed Ginger & Lemon
Redbushed Blueberry
Redbushed Raspberry

Dog Treats

unique hand-crafted dog treats free from preservatives
CBD Oil Biscuits
Biltong & Peanut Butter Biscuits
Free-range karoo venison droe-wors
Free-range karoo venison liver strips
Petnut Butter – pure raw peanut butter

Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Fauxmage
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Bags of Bites
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Beyond Meat
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Hannam & Co
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Garden Route
Oak Leaf Knysna Gourmet Deli - Theonista

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